Origins of Changing Places Ireland



Ailis Healy, supported by her mother Ann Healy, set up a Facebook page in 2012 to highlight the lack of appropriate changing facilities in Ireland after becoming aware of the Changing Places lobbying movement that was taking place in the UK.

The first meeting of the Changing Places Ireland Working Group, formed by Inclusion Ireland following consultation with Changing Places UK and comprising of a number of like-minded individuals and organisations, took place in November of 2014 and was the beginning of a coordinated response to the lack of fully accessible toilets in Ireland. The Changing Places Ireland campaign set out to introduce fully accessible toilets to public places such as shopping centres, libraries and sporting arenas across the country.

changing places team in a changing place

Changing Places Ireland consists of parents, elected representatives and organisations working in the disability space including the Disability Federation of Ireland, Irish Wheelchair Association and Inclusion Ireland.