Install a Changing Places

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Changing Places facilities are a real improvement on standard accessible toilets as they provide a larger floor area of 12m² and additional equipment such as a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a full room coverage ceiling track hoist system, a centrally located toilet bowl with space either side for transfers/assistants and a safe and clean environment.

Changing Places facilities need to meet a certain standard to be registered on our website. This is to ensure that any facility advertised as a Changing Places toilet meets the needs and expectations of the people who use them.

Changing Places must have a minimum floor area of 12m² (3m x 4m) with a ceiling height of 2.4m in order to meet the criteria for full registration.

Changing Places criteria

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● Height-adjustable, adult-­sized changing bench

● Full room coverage ceiling track hoist system

● Adequate space for the user and up to two assistants

● Centrally located toilet bowl with extra space both sides for assistants

● Privacy screen

● Wide paper roll

● Large waste disposal bin

● Washbasin, preferably height adjustable

Further information on dimensions, equipment, and standards are available from Changing Places UK.

Register a Changing Places

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